So you may be wondering to yourself, "ok, where is Geek & Wonder and what did you do with it?!" Or maybe not cause you just dont care. That's fine too!

So Geek & Wonder started after Flickering Fandoms and Geek Chic Soap came together. We had a store front and had a great time for awhile.

As with many partnerships, it didn't last long. I don't care to get into any specifics. Just know that I love Jessica and Aric (the owners of Flickering Fandoms) and I truly hope their candle business continues to soar! Btw, if you want some great geeked out candles, check them out!

I did continue Geek & Wonder on my own for a while. I spent all of last year just not feeling it. It didn't feel like me anymore and I just didn't have the heart for it. There was also a lot of things going on personally in my life. 2018 was kinda rough on me. And I felt trapped in this creative box. Don't get my wrong, I'm big into fandoms and geek out over Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Outlander, and The Office and so much more! I could go on! If you want to purchase any of whats left of Geek & Wonder, you'll find it in the "Clearance" section. Grab you a deal, cause once its gone, its gone!

But when it came to creating handcrafted soaps and bath and body products, I just needed a change and something I could really get excited about again.

So here I am. I'm born and raised just north of Memphis, TN. Tennessee is my home. Its where I belong. I recently visited Southern California. While there, my love for TN was definitely confirmed! There is just way too many people there!

Southern Stars Soap Company came to be after a whole lot of soul searching and deciding where I really wanted to take my brand!

I have a ton of ideas, so stick around, check back often!

And do yourself a favor, go have a glass of sweet tea or lemonade while sitting on the porch! Spring is just around the corner!

Take care, loves!